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app cargo-deps-list

Cargo subcommand to get a list of dependencies in a typical build

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Codeberg CI Crates.io

The quick-and-dirty successor to cargo-real-deps

Same features, but way simpler, and compiles fast

Born out of my annoyance that cargo doesn't have a way to give you a straight answer about the number of dependencies your project has. Now, it does

What it does

It processes the output of cargo tree to get a list of all the unique dependencies, and gives you a count of them. It is not a sophisticated program lol


Install using Cargo:

cargo install cargo-deps-list


Refer to cargo tree --help, as all cargo-deps-list does is pass your arguments to cargo tree. Don't provide --prefix or --format though, as that's managed by cargo-deps-list

Recommended use cases:

  • cargo deps-list - all the dependencies used for everything
  • cargo deps-list --edges normal - dependencies used in your final binary
  • cargo deps-list --manifest-path=PATH - for checking the dependencies of a project not in your current working directory. PATH must point to a Cargo.toml file

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