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Prints various binary symbols in your crate

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Prints various binary symbols in your crate. Also experimentally disassembles.

This uses capstone for disassembly, so it will compile faster if you have capstone installed as a system library.


First install:

cargo install cargo-sym

or via git:

cargo install --git https://github.com/m4b/cargo-sym -f


  1. cargo sym will print every debugging symbol it finds in the first valid binary target in target/<target>/debug. This can be, for example:

a.target/debug (this is used if it doesn't find a special target, like the following)

b. target/x86_64-unknown-linux-musl/debug

  1. cargo sym -C will print every debugging symbol demangled
  2. cargo sym -e will print every exported symbol importable by other binaries
  3. cargo sym -Ce will do -C and -e together :]
  4. cargo sym -d will disassemble your binary, objdump style. experimental
  5. cargo sym -d -C /bin/ls will disassemble the binary ls at /bin/ (actually most distros strip /bin/ls so it actually won't)
  6. cargo sym -Cd --target=aarch64-linux-android will disassemble your crates binary at target/aarch64-linux-android/debug/<crate_name>
  7. cargo sym -C --release -x example will print the symbols from the example binary you compiled in release mode (at target/release/examples/example)
  8. cargo sym -Cd --target=debug -x main will disassemble the example binary main in the regular debug location target/debug/examples/main

Try cargo sym --help for more information!


  1. Target selector is not. There are a few fixmes to make it nicer. (easy)
  2. ARM 32-byte printer not completely correct when in thumb mode, should reverse second 8 byte block. (easy)
  3. Need to properly print got, plt, and plt.got and iterate through sections in a more principled manner. (not to easy)
  4. When goblin gets a mach and PE backend (which I keep saying will be soon), update the various backends (tedious, hard, requires knowledge of backend formats)

PRs welcome of course :)


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