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annotate-snippets is a Rust library for annotation of programming code slices.

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The library helps visualize meta information annotating source code slices. It takes a data structure called Snippet on the input and produces a String which may look like this:


Local Development

cargo build
cargo test

When submitting a PR please use cargo fmt (nightly).


A library for formatting of text or programming code snippets.

It's primary purpose is to build an ASCII-graphical representation of the snippet with annotations.


The crate uses a three stage process with two conversions between states:

Message --> Renderer --> impl Display

The input type - [Message] is a structure designed to align with likely output from any parser whose code snippet is to be annotated.

The middle structure - [Renderer] is a structure designed to convert a snippet into an internal structure that is designed to store the snippet data in a way that is easy to format. [Renderer] also handles the user-configurable formatting options, such as color, or margins.

Finally, impl Display into a final String output.


  • testing-colors - Makes Renderer::styled colors OS independent, which allows for easier testing when testing colored output. It should be added as a feature in [dev-dependencies], which can be done with the following command:
cargo add annotate-snippets --dev --feature testing-colors