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Ever added a todo based on an open issue (perhaps in one of your dependencies)? Track the issue and be warned when it is closed!

// Our trait implementation never returns an error, but until the `nevertype`
// is stabilized, we need to use the unit type.
type Result<T> = core::result::Result<T, ()>;

Once the tracked issue is resolved, a warning will be emitted during compile time.

CI and Configuration

Locally it is recommended to always run the tracked issue. Alternatively, setting the environment variable ISSUE_RS_IGNORE to any value will disable it entirely.

For reproducible builds, set ISSUE_RS_IGNORE and use the cargo-issue subcommand as a separate step in CI. This will still require network connectivity however. cargo-issue offers higher performance by concurrently tracking issues, which for large codebases, with many tracked issues, can significantly improve performance as well.


  • Support Gitlab
  • Support arbitrary URLS/private instances
  • Authentication for private repos


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