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Verify that registry crates in your Cargo.lock are reproducible from the git repository

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Verify that registry crates in your Cargo.lock are reproducible from the git repository.

This cargo subcommand analyzes the following properties for crates in your Cargo.lock:

  1. Cargo.toml contains a repository field pointing at a valid git repository
  2. For each of the releases you are using, a valid git tag is present on the release commit
  3. The tagged commit matches the value in .cargo_vcs_info.json, if present
  4. The contents of the crates.io release are reproducible from the files inside the repo

How to use it

# Install
cargo install --locked cargo-goggles

# Run it inside your project (must already contain a Cargo.lock file)
cargo goggles


  • Cleanup most of the code
  • Make it into a proper library and CLI
  • Support registries other than crates.io
  • Fix some flaws
  • Make it pull previously cloned repositories when changes are available
  • Stop relying on the git CLI
  • Make it faster
  • Make it easy to see differences between the contents of the git repository and the registry

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