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Template generator for continuous distribution of rust projects to homebrew, linuxbrew and scoop

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cargo insatll cargo-distribute


In order to distribute packages using homebrew, two repositories are required.

Step 1. Create a usename/homebrew-tap repository

~$ mkdir ~/homebrew-tap
~$ cd $_
~/homebrew-tap$ git init
~/homebrew-tap$ git push

Step 4. Use cargo-ditribute to generate the necessary files

Two files will be generated. - myproject/.github/workflows/release.yml - homebrew-tap/templates/myproject.rb

Do a git commit and push in each of the two repositories. username/myproject and username/homebrew-tap

~$ cd ~/myproject
~/myproject$ echo ./Cargo.toml
~/myproject$ cargo distribute --tap ~/homebrew-tap
~/myproject$ git -A && git commit -m "commit"
~/myproject$ git push
~$ cd ~/homebrew-tap
~/homebrew-tap$ git -A && git commit -m "commit"
~/homebrew-tap$ git push

Step 5. Add a tag for username/myproject and push it

This will trigger the distribution.

~$ cd myproject
~/myproject$ git tag vX.Y.Z
~/myproject$ git push --tags


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