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nightly no-std psp

A library for building full PSP modules, including both PRX plugins and regular homebrew apps

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0.3.7 Nov 6, 2023
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0.3.3 Jan 27, 2023
0.3.2 Sep 25, 2022
0.1.1 Jun 30, 2020

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A library for building full PSP modules, including both PRX plugins and regular homebrew apps.


psp::module!("sample_module", 1, 1);

fn psp_main() {
    psp::dprintln!("Hello PSP from rust!");

See examples directory for sample programs.

What about PSPSDK?

This project is a completely new SDK, with no dependency on the original C/C++ PSPSDK. It aims to be a complete replacement, with more efficient implementations of graphics functions, and the addition of missing libraries.

Features / Roadmap

  • core support
  • PSP system library support
  • alloc support
  • panic = "unwind" support
  • Macro-based VFPU assembler
  • Full 3D graphics support (faster than PSPSDK in some cases!)
  • No dependency on PSPSDK / PSPToolchain
  • Reach full parity with user mode support in PSPSDK
  • Port definitions to libc crate
  • Add support for creating kernel mode modules
  • Add std support
  • Automatically sign EBOOT.PBP files to run on unmodified PSPs
  • Implement / reverse undiscovered libraries


To compile for the PSP, you will need a Rust nightly version equal to or later than 2023-09-26 and the rust-src component. Please install Rust using https://rustup.rs/

Use the following if you are new to Rust. (Feel free to set an override manually per-project instead).

$ rustup default nightly && rustup component add rust-src

You also need cargo-psp installed:

$ cargo install cargo-psp

Running Examples

Enter one of the example directories, examples/hello-world for instance, and run cargo psp.

This will create an EBOOT.PBP file under target/mipsel-sony-psp/debug/

Assuming you have a PSP with custom firmware installed, you can simply copy this file into a new directory under PSP/GAME on your memory stick, and it will show up in your XMB menu.

└── PSP
    └── GAME
        └── hello-world
            └── EBOOT.PBP

If you do not have a PSP, we recommend using the PPSSPP emulator. Note that graphics code is very sensitive so if you're writing graphics code we recommend developing on real hardware. PPSSPP is more relaxed in some aspects.

Advanced usage: PRXEncrypter

If you don't have a PSP with CFW installed, you can manually sign the PRX using PRXEncrypter, and then re-package it using pack-pbp.

If you have the PSPSDK installed and have built a working copy PSPLink manually, you can also use psplink and pspsh to run the .prx under target/mipsel-sony-psp/debug/ if you prefer. Refer to the installation and usage guides for those programs.


Using the latest version of psplink and psp-gdb from the pspdev github organization (psplinkusb v3.1.0 and GNU gdb (GDB) or later), Rust types are fully supported, providing a rich debugging experience. Enable debug symbols in your release binaries


debug = true

and follow the instructions in part 6 of the PSPlink manual


To use the psp crate in your own Rust programs, add it to Cargo.toml like any other dependency:

psp = "x.y.z"

In your main.rs file, you need to setup a basic skeleton like so:


// Create a module named "sample_module" with version 1.0
psp::module!("sample_module", 1, 0);

fn psp_main() {
    psp::dprintln!("Hello PSP from rust!");

Now you can simply run cargo psp to build your EBOOT.PBP file. You can also invoke cargo psp --release to create a release build.

If you would like to customize your EBOOT with e.g. an icon or new title, you can create a Psp.toml file in the root of your project. Note that all keys are optional:

title = "XMB title"
xmb_icon_png = "path/to/24bit_144x80_image.png"
xmb_background_png = "path/to/24bit_480x272_background.png"
xmb_music_at3 = "path/to/ATRAC3_audio.at3"

More options can be found in the schema defintion here.

error[E0460]: found possibly newer version of crate ...

If you get an error like this:

error[E0460]: found possibly newer version of crate `panic_unwind` which `psp` depends on
 --> src/main.rs:4:5
4 | use psp::dprintln;
  |     ^^^
  = note: perhaps that crate needs to be recompiled?

Simply clean your target directory and it will be fixed:

$ cargo clean


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