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A Cargo extension that prepares (downloads & builds) the dependencies of a specific Rust project

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cargo extension that downloads and compiles only the dependencies of a project. Once you start building more complex projects, most likely the majority of your time will be spent on compiling the dependencies, not your source code. If you are using tools like Docker, always recompiling your dependencies has a huge impact on your build times. With this extension you can create a docker layer with all of the dependencies downloaded and compiled, so that you can focus on the important part: your code.

This project was inspired by cargo-build-deps, however it has a few key differences:

  • First and foremost, it is nothing but a thin wrapper on cargo build, so any flag / argument you supply to it will be copied to the regular build command verbatim;
  • Since it just needs to wrap cargo build this extension has exactly zero dependencies itself, instead it implements a minimum TOML file parser to just be able to extract the required information in order to function properly;

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