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Cached & remote-ready Rust projects builder.

cargo-green is a cargo plugin that sets a $RUSTC_WRAPPER then calls cargo.


No more dependencies than the transitive ones coming from usage of rustcbuildx.

cargo green build
cargo green b
cargo green check
cargo green c
cargo green clean
cargo green clippy
cargo green doc
cargo green d
cargo green new
cargo green init
cargo green add
cargo green remove
cargo green run
cargo green r
cargo green test
cargo green t
cargo green bench
cargo green update
cargo green search
cargo green publish
cargo green install
cargo green uninstall

# or, setting an alias in e.g. ~/.bashrc
alias cargo='cargo green'

# With this, one may also use this set of subcommands: [UNSTABLE API] (refacto into a `cache` cmd)
cargo supergreen config get   VAR*
cargo supergreen config set   VAR VAL
cargo supergreen config unset VAR
cargo supergreen pull-images             Pulls latest versions of images used for the build, no cache (respects $DOCKER_HOST)
cargo supergreen pull-cache              Pulls all from `--cache-from`
cargo supergreen push-cache              Pushes all to `--cache-to`


# Installs to ~/.cargo/bin
cargo install --locked --force --git https://github.com/fenollp/supergreen.git cargo-green rustcbuildx

# Make sur $CARGO_HOME/bin is in your $PATH
which cargo-green && which rustcbuildx


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