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A CLI Tool to Encrypt and Decrypt files with a secure password

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Uses new Rust 2021

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cargo-cryptile is a CLI tool for encrypting and decrypting files with a password.

The file are encrypted using AES256 secure encryption with almost zero overhead.

You can securely save your encryption passwords using set command to quickly encrypt and decrypt files using them.


cargo install cargo-cryptile

Using Cryptile

Just run cargo cryptile --help for a list of available commands and options.


  • Encrypt a file with a password:
    cargo cryptile encrypt "file.txt" -p <password>
  • Decrypt a file with a password and remove the encrypted file:
    cargo cryptile decrypt "file.txt.cryptile" -p <password> --replace
  • Set a master password to use:
    cargo cryptile set -m
  • Save a password along with an identifier to use:
    cargo cryptile set -p
  • Encrypt a file using master password:
    cargo cryptile encrypt file.txt -m
  • Decrypt a file using an identifier of a saved password:
    cargo cryptile decrypt file.txt.cryptile -s my_pass

More Features To Be Added...


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