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app cargo-credential-bitwarden

A Cargo credential process that stores tokens in a Bitwarden vault

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0.1.0 May 19, 2024

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A Cargo credential provider for Bitwarden.

This crate borrows heavily from the cargo-credential-1password crate.


cargo-credential-bitwarden uses the Bitwarden bw CLI to store the token. You must install the bw CLI from the Bitwarden website.

Afterward you need to configure cargo to use cargo-credential-bitwarden as the credential provider. You can do this by adding something like the following to your cargo config file:

global-credential-providers = ["cargo-credential-bitwarden --sync"]

Finally, run cargo login to save your registry token in Bitwarden.

CLI Arguments

cargo-credential-bitwarden supports the following command-line arguments:

  • --email: The email address used to login.
  • --sync: Automatically sync the local vault before getting the credential and automatically sync when the credential gets updated.


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