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app cargo-cocoapods

Generate a Cocoapods wrapper for your Rust project

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Uses new Rust 2021

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cargo-cocoapods - Build Rust code for Xcode integration


cargo install cargo-cocoapods

You'll also need to install all the toolchains you intend to use. Simplest way is with the following:

rustup target add \
    x86_64-apple-darwin \
    aarch64-apple-darwin \
    x86_64-apple-ios \
    aarch64-apple-ios \

Modify as necessary for your use case.


Type cargo pod --help for information.

Supported hosts

  • macOS (x86_64 and arm64)

Similar projects

  • cargo-ndk - for building Android libraries
  • cargo-lipo - for building iOS universal Rust libraries


This project is licensed under either of

at your option.

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