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app cargo-artifactory-token

A cargo subcommand to manage Artifactory access tokens

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🦀-🐸-🪙 — A cargo subcommand to manage Artifactory access tokens.

Screen recording of a token creation{width=865}


cargo install --locked cargo-artifactory-token


See help for a detailed description of available commands, their arguments, and their default values:

cargo artifactory-token --help


Each argument some-argument can be set with a short (-s) or long (--some-argument) CLI argument, or read from an upper snake case environment variable (SOME_ARGUMENT).


  • endpoint: URL of the Artifactory token creation endpoint
  • username: your Artifactory username (e.g. flastname for First Lastname)
  • duration: desired token duration


  • file: path to your cargo credentials file
  • registry: name of the registry in your credentials file


  • access-token: your private token value
  • token-type: your private token type

Global arguments

These arguments apply to all commands.

  • quiet: suppress all superfluous output


Create a token

Retrieve a token and save it with its renewal information. This is the default subcommand.

Takes Source and Credentials arguments.

cargo artifactory-token create

Generate a token

Retrieve a token and display it.

Takes Source arguments.

cargo artifactory-token generate

Renew a token

Retrieve a token using saved renewal information and save it.

Takes Credentials arguments.

cargo artifactory-token renew

Save an existing token

Save a token retrieved by another means.

Takes Credentials and Token arguments.

cargo artifactory-token save


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