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A collection of transaction standards that can be used with Cap

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0.2.0 Jul 25, 2022
0.1.0 Nov 10, 2021
0.1.0-alpha1 Nov 18, 2021

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CAP - Certified Asset Provenance

Transaction history & asset provenance for NFT’s & Tokens on the Internet Computer

The CAP SDK is a development kit utilized to integrate CAP to Token/NFTs canisters and interact with the CAP open internet service in general.

This is meant as an early look into how CAP is integrated/works, and the code behind it. Visit the src directory and read the bucket.rs, index.rs, root.rs, router.rs files for a quick overview.

This repository has the base codebase (in development), for all the canisters involved in the CAP open internet service.

IMPORTANT: CAP is currently in development 🚧 and will release in the first week of November, thus it is not on mainnet or usable yet. You might see our documentation is light on the SDK/Main repo still. We're delayed in this to focus on testing, but will soon update this page with guides & detailed examples for developers.


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