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bxCAN peripheral driver

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This crate implements a driver for the bxCAN peripheral found in many low- to middle-end STM32 microcontrollers.

Please refer to the changelog to see what changed in the last releases.


Add an entry to your Cargo.toml:

bxcan = "0.7.0"

Check the API Documentation for how to use the crate's functionality.

Rust version support

This crate supports at least the 3 latest stable Rust releases. Bumping the minimum supported Rust version (MSRV) is not considered a breaking change as long as these 3 versions are still supported.


Driver for the STM32 bxCAN peripheral.

This crate provides a reusable driver for the bxCAN peripheral found in many low- to middle-end STM32 microcontrollers. HALs for compatible chips can reexport this crate and implement its traits to easily expose a featureful CAN driver.


  • Supports both single- and dual-peripheral configurations (where one bxCAN instance manages the filters of a secondary instance).
  • Handles standard and extended frames, and data and remote frames.
  • Support for interrupts emitted by the bxCAN peripheral.
  • Transmission respects CAN IDs and protects against priority inversion (a lower-priority frame may be dequeued when enqueueing a higher-priority one).
  • Implements the embedded-hal traits for interoperability.
  • Support for both RX FIFOs (as [Rx0] and [Rx1]).


  • Support for querying error states and handling error interrupts is incomplete.

Cargo Features

Feature Description
unstable-defmt Implements defmt's Format trait for the types in this crate.[^1]

[^1]: The specific version of defmt is unspecified and may be updated in a patch release.