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Remaking OpenBVE using a modern architecture, using Unity and Rust. C API.

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0.0.1 Mar 9, 2020
0.0.0-Placeholder Sep 13, 2019

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The C interface to bve-rs.


C/C++ API for BVE-Reborn high performance libraries.

This library isn't made to be used directly from rust and can actually create UB fairly easily if used from Rust. C/C++ Headers will be generated in bve-native/include by bve-build.

Documentation is automatically copied to the C headers, but is missing module documentation. Therefore it is recommended to use the Rust documentation for this library while writing C/C++. Attempts have been made to make it as easy as possible to figure out what C/C++ code to write from the Rust documentation.

While code is separated into modules in the rust documentation, all functions and types are exported to c++ in global scope with no name mangling.

The modules correspond 1:1 with the modules in the bve crate.

Use Warning


Libraries must be initialized by calling [bve_init] before calling anything else. The library does not need to be de-initialized. If this is not done, panics may propagate beyond the C -> Rust boundary, leading to undefined behavior.

API Basics

The API tries to be as consistent and predictable as possible.

Structs are all prefixed with BVE_ in C mode to help eliminate conflicts. C++ code is all in the bve namespace. Type names are kept as short as is reasonable, while still having clear connection with the underlying rust code.

Free functions have their rust path loosely encoded in the name. For example [bve::parse::mesh::mesh_from_str] is bve_parse_mesh_from_string. Duplicate names are removed and idioms are changed to be comprehensible from the interface language.

Free functions that are acting like member functions come in the form BVE_Struct_Name_member_function_name. They take their first argument by pointer.

All pointers are assumed to not take ownership, unless otherwise specified. Non-obvious lifespans will be noted in documentation.


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