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no-std bsplines

N-dimensional B-spline curves and their derivatives built on top of nalgebra

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bsplines Rust Library

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Rust library for vectorized, N-dimensional B-spline curves and their derivatives based on nalgebra.

🚧 This Library is Under Construction 🚧

  • Use iterators and simplify loops
  • Use thiserror
  • Refactor visibility and folder structure
  • Refactor method selection and settings structs
  • Add benchmarks and improve performance


bsplines is a library for vectorized, N-dimensional B-spline curves and their derivatives based on [nalgebra].


What are B-Splines?

B-splines are parametric functions composed of piecewise, polynomial basis functions of degree p > 0. These piecewise polynomials are joined so that the parametric function is p-1 times continuously differentiable. The overall functions are parametrized over finite domains with a so-called knot vector with the co-domain being an N-dimensional vector space, that is defined by control points. They can describe [curves][curve], but also surfaces. These characteristics lead to many desirable properties. The piecewise definition makes B-spline functions versatile allowing to interpolate or approximate complex-shaped and high-dimensional data, while maintaining a low polynomial degree. Because of the polynomial nature, all possible derivatives are accessible.

![A 2D B-Spline curve.][img-curve]

Still, evaluations or spatial manipulations can be executed fast because only local polynomial segments must be considered and the associated numerical procedures are stable. Lastly, polynomials represent a memory-efficient way of storing spatial information as few polynomial coefficients suffice to describe complex shapes.


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