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Asynchronous trainer with parallel sampling processes.

The code might look like below.

fn train() {
    let agent_configs: Vec<_> = vec![agent_config()];
    let env_config_train = env_config(name);
    let env_config_eval = env_config(name).eval();
    let replay_buffer_config = load_replay_buffer_config(model_dir.as_str())?;
    let step_proc_config = SimpleStepProcessorConfig::default();
    let actor_man_config = ActorManagerConfig::default();
    let async_trainer_config = load_async_trainer_config(model_dir.as_str())?;
    let mut recorder = TensorboardRecorder::new(model_dir);
    let mut evaluator = Evaluator::new(&env_config_eval, 0, 1)?;

    // Shared flag to stop actor threads
    let stop = Arc::new(Mutex::new(false));

    // Creates channels
    let (item_s, item_r) = unbounded(); // items pushed to replay buffer
    let (model_s, model_r) = unbounded(); // model_info

    // guard for initialization of envs in multiple threads
    let guard_init_env = Arc::new(Mutex::new(true));

    // Actor manager and async trainer
    let mut actors = ActorManager::build(
    let mut trainer = AsyncTrainer::build(

    // Set the number of threads

    // Starts sampling and training
    let stats = trainer.train(&mut recorder, &mut evaluator, guard_init_env);
    println!("Stats of async trainer");
    println!("{}", stats.fmt());

    let stats = actors.stop_and_join();
    println!("Stats of generated samples in actors");
    println!("{}", actor_stats_fmt(&stats));

Training process consists of the following two components:

  • ActorManager manages Actors, each of which runs a thread for interacting Agent and Env and taking samples. Those samples will be sent to the replay buffer in AsyncTrainer.
  • AsyncTrainer is responsible for training of an agent. It also runs a thread for pushing samples from ActorManager into a replay buffer.

The Agent must implement SyncModel trait in order to synchronize the model of the agent in Actor with the trained agent in AsyncTrainer. The trait has the ability to import and export the information of the model as SyncModel::ModelInfo.

The Agent in AsyncTrainer is responsible for training, typically with a GPU, while the Agents in Actors in ActorManager is responsible for sampling using CPU.

Both AsyncTrainer and ActorManager are running in the same machine and communicate by channels.


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