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The boids crate is a reasonably fast implementation of the Boids algorithm. If you have speed improvements, please submit a pull request!

Parallel processing & speed

When compiled with the rayon feature enabled, the library will use the rayon crate to parallelize the computation. This may or may not be something you want to do, depending on your application.

Boid count Single-thread Time Parallel Time
100 7.3ms 3.5ms
1000 414ms 42.5ms
10000 ??? 3.4s


  • rayon: Enable parallel processing
  • serde: Enable serde support for all types
  • puffin: Enable support for the puffin profiler
    • Note: puffin_viewer requires the packages libgtk-3-dev libatk1.0-dev libsdl-pango-dev libcairo2-dev


You can run the demo app with

cargo run --example showcase --features rayon


~44K SLoC