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0.1.0 Mar 20, 2020

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A rust embedded-hal driver for the Bosch Sensortec BMI088 6DOF integrated accelerometer and gyroscope (IMU).

The BMI088 combines the functionality of two inertial sensors into one device: a triaxial 16-bit gyroscope and a triaxial 16-bit accelerometer.


  • Basic SPI support
  • Support for probe (check product identifier)
  • Split into separate gyro and accel interfaces (separate eg CSN lines)
  • blocking read of gyro data
  • blocking read of accel data
  • configure FIFO
  • Support for data ready (DRDY) pins
  • Support for interrupt pins
  • Support for DMA with SPI
  • Basic I2C support
  • Tests with mock embedded hal
  • Usage example with cortex-m hal
  • Doc comments
  • CI
  • Support for user recalibration

Possible Example

Likely to change:

    let mut bmi088_a = bmi088::Builder::new_accel_spi(spi_bus1.acquire(), spi1_cs_bmi088_accel);
    bmi088_a.setup(&mut delay_source).unwrap();

    let mut bmi088_g = bmi088::Builder::new_gyro_spi(spi_bus1.acquire(), spi1_cs_bmi088_gyro);
    if bmi088_g.setup(&mut delay_source);

    if let Ok(gyro_sample) = bmi088_g.get_gyro() {
        hprintln!("bmi088_g: {:?}", gyro_sample));

    if let Ok(accel_sample) = bmi088_a.get_accel() {
        hprintln!("bmi088_a: {:?}", accel_sample));