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Ignorance is bliss! Ignore your .gitignore.

Bliss is a "batteries included" .gitignore management tool.


  • Pulls .gitignore templates from gitignore.io.
  • Built-in caching allows for offline use and blazing fast speeds. (After inital download of .gitignore templates)
  • Simple, stateless CLI
  • Zero system-dependencies (standalone binary)

⚒ Usage

bliss list # Print out supported languages

bliss rust # print out a rust .gitignore

bliss rust,python # print out a rust and python .gitignore

bliss rust >> .gitignore # Append rust's .gitignore to ./.gitignore

bliss help # Show help menu

bliss cache clear # Clear the cache and exit

bliss cache update # Update currently downloaded templates and support list

📦 Installation

cargo install bliss

🚥 Roadmap

  • .gitignore Caching
  • Better cache management
  • Better error handling/messages
  • More commands for handling common issues and mistakes with .gitignore files.
  • MOAR SPEED!!!!
  • The heat-death of the universe...


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