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app blind_typing

A simple CLI tool for blind typing test

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Blind typing Test

Hi there, I have tryed to improve my blind typing powers, and have found some usefull websites, but theyy were not perfect for me. Because of that I have made my own blind typing app in Rust.


I think, that this should work (you need a rust installed on your machine):

  • git clone https://github.com/Happyigr/Blind-typing
  • cd in the folder of the project
  • cargo run

If you want to make new texts with chatgpt, you have to write your api key in the file api_key.txt under the src directory.

Why rust?

I have heard a lot about rust, and I wanted to learn it. I have read the Rust book, but i want to tr, to implement smth useful. Because of it I wanted to make my own project, that i can show on my job or my friends.


I want to implement both of versions of my app: TUI and GUI (with tauri).

  • - make the working terminal app, with all the screens
  • - the text to it (hints for keys) and the movement from screen to screen.
  • - the main logic of the app
  • - results after typing
  • - better results after typing (no JSON)
  • - text getting from other resources
  • - dynimacly results when typing with colored keyboard, that shows taps on keyboard
  • - global results of all the typing tests
  • - global results by letter
  • - better ui
  • - error handling

GUI app:

  • - make the working website with tauri
  • - Main, Results, Typing screens
  • - typing process
  • - results after typing
  • - dynamic results in typing mode
  • - global results
  • - results for every letter

Thanks for


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