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BLEZ tools -- swiss army knife for GATT services and L2CAP sockets on Linux

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Renamed to BlueR

blez-tools has been renamed to bluer-tools.

Development will continue in the BlueZ organization repository.

Please update your links and crate references.

This crate provides tools for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on Linux, building on the functionality of the BLEZ library.

The following command line tools are included.

  • blemon: Scans for and monitors Bluetooth LE devices similar to top.

  • gattcat: Swiss army knife for Bluetooth LE GATT services.

    • discovers Bluetooth LE devices and their services
    • pairing
    • resolves all well-known UUIDs and manufacturer ids
    • performs all possible operations on GATT services
    • connects (via notify and write) to a remote GATT service
    • serves (via notify and write) a local program over a GATT service
    • implements the Nordic UART service (NUS) as client and server
  • l2cat: netcat-like for Bluetooth LE L2CAP sockets.

    • connects to remote L2CAP PSMs
    • listens on local L2CAP PSMs and accepts connections
    • serves a local program on an L2CAP PSM

Each tool supports the --help option for detailed usage information. A running Bluetooth daemon (BlueZ) is required.


First, install D-Bus and Bluetooth libraries on your system. On Debian this can be achieved by running

sudo apt install libdbus-1-dev libbluetooth-dev

Then, run the following command to install BLEZ tools

cargo install blez-tools

If you do not have Cargo on your system, you can use rustup for installing it.


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