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Backed by Zitane Labs Powered by Rust crates.io: bincache MSRV: 1.65 License: MIT


  • Simple API
  • Flexible cache sizing, limiting, and eviction
  • Multiple cache strategies for different use cases
  • Support for cache compression
  • Best-effort cache recovery

Cache Strategies

Bincache uses a strategy pattern to allow for different caching strategies:

  • In-memory cache
  • Disk-backed cache
  • Hybrid cache (in-memory + disk-backed)
  • Custom strategies possible through CacheStrategy

Compression Algorithms

Bincache supports various compression algorithms:

  • Gzip (feature: comp_gzip)
  • Brotli (feature: comp_brotli)
  • Zstandard (feature: comp_zstd)
  • Custom algorithms possible through CompressionStrategy

Async Runtimes

Bincache supports multiple async runtimes:

  • Futures-compatible (default)
  • Tokio 1.x (feature: rt_tokio_1)
  • Async-Std 1.x (feature: rt_async-std_1)


  1. Add bincache to your project:

    cargo add bincache                            # use blocking I/O
    cargo add bincache --features rt_tokio_1      # enable tokio 1.x support
    cargo add bincache --features rt_async-std_1  # enable async-std 1.x support
  2. Create a Cache instance with your preferred strategy:

    #[tokio::main(flavor = "current_thread")]
    async fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
        let mut cache = bincache::MemoryCacheBuilder::default().build().await?;
        // Put a key-value pair into the cache
        cache.put(&"foo", b"foo".to_vec()).await?;
        // Read the value back out
        let foo = cache.get(&"foo").await?;
        // Make sure it's the same
        assert_eq!(foo, b"foo".as_slice());
  3. That's it!

Library Features

  • blocking - Enables blocking stdlib I/O
  • rt_tokio_1 - Enables tokio 1.x support
  • rt_async-std_1 - Enables async-std 1.x support
  • comp_zstd - Enables zstd compression support
  • comp_gzip - Enables gzip compression support
  • comp_brotli - Enabled brotli compression support

By default, we enable a "soft" implicit-blocking feature, which only uses blocking I/O if no other runtime feature is enabled.

You can explicitly opt-in to blocking I/O by enabling the blocking feature, which will disallow the use of rt_tokio_1 and rt_async-std_1.


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