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Bezier curve implementations using N-dimensional vectors

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0.5.0 Feb 19, 2023
0.1.4 Jun 23, 2021

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A Bezier curve class supporting linear, quadratic and cubic Bezier curves, using an arbitrary point class.

Example uses would be for 2-dimensional Bezier curves whose coordinates are [f64; 2], or for 3-dimensional Bezier curves using coordinates of [f32; 3].

The Bezier curve supports bisection, and then splitting into straight lines within a given straightness bound; iterators are provided to automatically trace a Bezier as lines or points within such a straightness, for rendering puroses.

The Bezier type also supports rounding of corners and circular arc generation, utilizing a very accurate function for any angle of rounding up to 180 degrees, derived from a curve-fit from experimental data, rather than an explicit mathematical function for the control point generation (the standard analytical approach).

This crate is in beta; it is used in a small number of applications, and the functionality is mature; the API is stable, but may be enhanced.


Add this to your Cargo.toml:

bezier-nd = "0.5"


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