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A plugin for rendering tiled maps

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0.2.5 May 1, 2021
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0.1.0 Nov 22, 2020

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Welcome to bevy_tiled!

This is a plugin for rendering tiled maps. Specfically, maps from the "Tiled" editor which can be found here:


Feel free to use this code as a reference for your own custom tile mapping solution as well.

Bevy Versions

The main branch of this repository targets Bevy 0.5. When using bevy_tiled, please make sure your version of Bevy matches the version referenced by this library. There are versions for 0.4 and 0.3 as well.

If you were using framp's fork for Bevy 0.4, it is currently merged in and mirrored by the v0.1.0-bevy-0.4 release. For a few more bugfixes, you can point to the v0.1.1-bevy-0.4 tag. Object support in Bevy 0.4 is usable, and is an open PR, targetting the bevy-0.4 branch and published as the v0.2.1-rc1-bevy-0.4 tag.

For those of you relying on the old bevy_tiled, you will want to point your Cargo.toml to the bevy-0.3 branch or the v0.1.0-bevy-0.3 tag. There is a small fix there for map positioning, and it is otherwise unchanged.

Basic Setup

Follow the Rust Getting Started and make sure you have rustc compiler and cargo build system available on yor machine.

Clone this repo and try running some of the examples:

# Runs the orthographic tile map example
cargo run --example ortho_main
# Runs the isometric tile map example
cargo run --example iso_main

In these examples, you should be able to use the wasd keys to pan across the maps. You can follow a similar pattern in your own Bevy project. For more information, follow the [Bevy Setup] guide.


Toplevel Entity Support

For now, TiledMapBundle is just a configuration object. If you would like access to a toplevel entity that can be transformed, pass into the configuration:

parent_option: Some(entity)

Then, both chunks and objects will be inserted as children to this entity, which will be tagged with MapRoot. This API is likely to change, but we have an example for how it currently works.

Object Group Support

Object Grous are now supported. They will be skipped if not visible. Individual objects that are invisible will be spawned with is_visible set to false. You may pass into the configuration object:

debug_config: DebugConfig { enabled: true, material: None }

to show a color mesh for objects that have no tile sprite. material: None will use the default material. This is only supported for rects at this time. Some other objects will show up as small squares until we improve support.

To see objects and debugging in action, run the ortho_debug example which will enable debug viewing of objects. Use the spacebar to toggle objects.

# Runs the debug/objects example
cargo run --example ortho_debug


There are two events that you can listen for when you spawn a map.

  • ObjectReadyEvent fires when an object has been spawned.
  • MapReadyEvent fires when all objects and layers have been spawned.

These both have: pub map_entity_option: Option, pub map_handle: Handle,

and ObjectReadyEvent additionally includes entity: Entity for what the object was spawned as.

Hot reload

Limited support for hot reload is provided. Old entities are removed based on the asset handles (for now).

asset_server.watch_for_changes().expect("watch for changes failed");

Then when you save your map, it should update in the application.

WASM and bevy_webgl2

Use default-features=false, features=["web"] in your project's Cargo.toml. Tiled maps using Zstd compression are not supported.

Top-needed features

  • better support for isometric maps
  • support for embeded objects in tiles
  • support for embedded images in Tmx files
  • support for animations


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