Allow use of animated exported asetprite sprite sheets in bevy game engine

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Bevy Asepritesheet

Bevy Asepritesheet is an asset loader and parser for Bevy game engine. Bevy Asepritesheet processes json spritesheet files exported by Aseprite software. It also has components and systems for building and managing animated sprite entities in the game engine.

Bevy Asepritesheet is capable of parsing spritesheets that look like this into distinct animations based on the aseprite json data.

Spritesheet Animation

Important! - Json data export from Aseprite MUST be set to "Array"

If set to "Hash", it will not work!


  • Asset loader - asset loader can be specified to use whatever file extensions you need
  • Sprite animator - the library includes a sprite animator component and bundle to help you spawn entities which have animated sprites on them
  • Plugin - the library includes a bevy plugin that you can add to the bevy app, this adds the asset loader, registers the animation event system, and sets up a system that automatically animates any sprite animator components in the game world
  • Animation events - animations send out an animation event whenever an animation ends, with data about what entity and what animation it was, so you can listen to them and define your own behavior
  • Animation end actions - animations can loop, pause, stop, or transition to another animation upon completion, all configurable through the library

Aseprite Feature Support

Bevy Asepritesheet supports most features that aseprite exports as json data alongside your spritesheets. Here is a list of Aseprite features that are exported and whether they are supported in Bevy Asepritesheet or not:


✅ - fully supported and implementated
❌ - not supported

Aseprite Features:

  • Frame ✅ - Frame rects for each individual frame of the sprite sheet, these are parsed by this library and turned into individual frames on a TextureAtlas
  • Frame Trimming ✅ - Aseprite can trim frame rects to be tightly fitted together to avoid unnecesssary spacing between frames, this library can account for each frame's trim and adjust anchors accordingly so animations don't jitter when this feature is used
  • Frame Duration ✅ - In aseprite, each frame has a specific duration that it shows in the animation for, this library includes that data in the animation which will be reflected when the animation is played in-game
  • FrameTags ✅ - Frame tags are basicaly groups of frames in asprite that can have a "tag", this library interprets these tags as animations, so if you have a FrameTag of 10 frames in aserite named "running", this library will generate a "running" animation from that tag
  • FrameTag Range ✅ - the frames specified to be part of a frameTag are included in the animation in game
  • FrameTag Direction ❌ - In Aseprite you can specify that a FrameTag either plays in reverse or forwards, I don't really see a point to this so I'm not going to implement it, you can always reverse the frames if you want to reverse the animation


bevy_asepritesheet bevy aseprite
0.6.x 0.13 1.3.4
0.5.x 0.12 1.3.2
0.4.x 0.12 1.3.2
0.3.x 0.12 1.2.40
0.2.x 0.11 1.2.40

Usage Example

First, you'll need to add the dependency to Cargo.toml:

bevy_aseprite = "0.5"

Then, you will need to add the plugin to your bevy app:

use bevy::prelude::*;
use bevy_asepritesheet::prelude::*;
fn main() {
        .add_plugins(( DefaultPlugins.set(ImagePlugin::default_nearest()),
        .add_systems(Startup, setup)

Then you can just load the spritesheet and spawn in an AnimatedSpriteBundle with the handle to start animating your sprite, that's it!

fn setup(mut commands: Commands, asset_server: Res<AssetServer>) {
    // spawn the camera so we can see the sprite
    // load the spritesheet and get it's handle
    let sheet_handle = load_spritesheet(
        &mut commands,
    // spawn the animated sprite
    commands.spawn(AnimatedSpriteBundle {
        animator: SpriteAnimator::from_anim(AnimHandle::from_index(1)),
        spritesheet: sheet_handle,

The AnimatedSpriteBundle entity will remain invisible until the assets are finished loading

Run the example

To run the example:

cargo run --example character

To see the complete example, see examples/character.rs.

Asset Credit

The asset I used is a modified version of a free assset made by Legnops



  • ✅ Support for Bevy 0.13
  • ✅ Listener for Spritesheet added to add dependent handles
  • ✅ Specify schedule for animation, or specify no animation
  • ✅ Update examples


  • ✅ update examples
  • ✅ setting invalid animation now produces warning and resets cur_anim to None
  • ✅ add event for when spritesheet is finished loading


  • ✅ update examples
  • ✅ general refactors
  • ✅ resource to handle animation logic
  • ✅ utility function load_spritesheet to automatically load related assets
  • ✅ rework how spritesheets are referenced from animator, now use handles
  • ✅ get_anim_handle is less strict (but the handles it returns can be invalid)
  • ✅ set_anim is now less strict


  • ✅ small bugfix


  • ✅ fix bug that caused flipped sprites to have misaligned anchors
  • ✅ implement default for AnimHandle
  • ✅ add is_cur_anim() to SpriteAnimator for easy compare current animation
  • ✅ add restart_anim() to restart current animation of sprite animator


  • ✅ update examples
  • ✅ fix oversight that made difficult to use Spritesheet::from_data()
  • ✅ impl default for AnimatedSpriteBundle
  • ✅ impl default for SpriteAnimator
  • ✅ make SpriteAnimator not rely on having loaded sheet when initialized
  • ✅ rename Sheet type to Spritesheet
  • ✅ general code refactors to align better with idomatic rust ideals


  • ✅ adapt asset management module to work with bevy 0.12


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