Cargo Features

bestool = { version = "0.14.2", default-features = false, features = ["console-subscriber", "aws", "download", "caddy", "completions", "crypto", "dyndns", "iti", "self-update", "ssh", "tamanu", "upload", "walg", "iti-battery", "iti-eink", "iti-lcd", "iti-temperature"] }
default = caddy, completions, crypto, self-update, ssh, tamanu, upload, walg

These default features are set whenever bestool is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.


For debugging

Enables console-subscriber

aws dyndns? upload

Common dep groups (not meant to be used directly)

Enables aws-config, aws-credential-types, aws-sdk-route53, aws-sdk-s3, aws-sdk-sts, and base64ct

download caddy self-update tamanu walg

Enables binstalk-downloader ^0.10.3 and detect-targets

caddy default = download


Enables tera

completions default

Enables clap_complete and clap_complete_nushell

crypto default

Enables base64ct, blake3, hex, leon, merkle_hash, minisign, and secrecy

dyndns = aws

Enables ip_network, local-ip-address, and regex

iti = iti-battery, iti-lcd, iti-temperature
self-update default = download

Enables upgrade

ssh default

Enables dirs, duct, fs4, is-root, ssh-key, windows, and windows-acl

tamanu default = download

Enables dirs, duct, glob, itertools, json5, leon, leon-macros, mailgun-rs, node-semver, regex, serde_yml ^0.0.10, sysinfo, tera, tokio-postgres, walkdir, and windows

upload default = aws

Enables humantime and walkdir

walg default = download
iti-battery iti?

Iti subcommands

Enables folktime, humantime, rppal, and zmq


Enables bitflags, bitvec, fontdue, rppal, rust-fontconfig, and zmq

iti-lcd iti?

Enables ctrlc, embedded-graphics, rpi-st7789v2-driver, sysinfo, and zmq

Affects battery::BatteryArgs.update_screen, battery::BatteryArgs.zmq_socket, temperature::TemperatureArgs.update_screen, temperature::TemperatureArgs.zmq_socket

iti-temperature iti?

Enables duct, humantime, and zmq