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A benchmark library.

  • Stable rust (no black_box)
  • Beautiful output
  • Async support
  • Custom async runtime
  • Memory usage
  • Custom formatting
  • Intuitive numerical units
  • Support custom memory allocator


$ cargo test --release --color=always -q --package bench-rs --test bench --no-fail-fast -- --test-threads=1 --nocapture

Look ./tests/bench.rs



I don't know how to implement the black box.

Please use core::hint::black_box. (unstable)

If you have a better idea, welcome to submit a pull request or open an issue


In order to detect Memory usage, bench-rs modified global_allocator. This will make it impossible to use other allocators. If you need to use other allocator:

Change your allocator: (if your allocator is std::alloc::System)

use std::alloc::System;
use bench_rs::{TrackAllocator, new_allocator};

pub static GLOBAL: TrackAllocator<System> = new_allocator!(System);

Turn off default features:

bench-rs = { version = "*", default-features = false }

Import the allocator named GLOBAL:

use bench_rs::bench;
use yourlib::GLOBAL;

fn ...

If your allocator name is not GLOBAL, please set its alias to GLOBAL:

use yourlib::OtherAllocator as GLOBAL

Because the bencher-macro will look for GLOBAL.counter() and GLOBAL.peak() at the same level of the bench function.

I am a rust beginner, please correct me if the code is bad. Thank you

Contributions welcome


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