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Interactive batteries viewer

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batmon is an interactive viewer, similar to top, htop and other *top utilities, but about the batteries installed in your notebook.

It was forked of https://github.com/svartalf/rust-battop.



  • Cross-platform (Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD and DragonflyBSD are supported and Windows is on the way)
  • Supports multiple batteries in case your notebook have them
  • It is free
  • Usually it just works!

batmon is backed by a Rust crate battery which provides unified cross-platform information about system batteries. Check it out, if you want to gather the same information for your application!


Packaging status

Arch linux

Install package from AUR with your favorite AUR helper:

$ yay -S batmon

From sources

Clone the repo and run

$ cargo build --release


Prebuilt binaries for Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS can be downloaded from the GitHub releases page.


Simply running the batmon command in your terminal should do the thing.

Left and right arrows can be used to switch between different system batteries (if available).

Run the batmon -h command to see the additional available options.


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