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Automatica - Automatic Control Systems Library

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State-Space representation

Creation of state-space of a linear, time indepentdent system throught the four matrices A, B, C, D.
Calculate the poles of the system.
Calculate the equiliblium point (both state and output) of the system from the given input.

System time evolution

Time response with explicit Runge-Kutta order 2 method with fixed step.
Time response with explicit Runge-Kutta order 4 method with fixed step.
Time response with explicit Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg order 4 and 5 method with adaptive step.
Time response with implicit Radau order 3 method with fixed step.

Discrete time system

Time evolution of a discrete linear system.
Discretization of a continuous linear system using forward Euler, backward Euler and Tustin methods.
Discretization of transfer functions using forward Euler, backward Euler and Tustin methods.

Transfer function representation

Sigle Input Single Output (SISO)

Creation of a single transfer function give a polynomial numerator and denominator.
Calculate the (complex) poles and (complex) zeros of the function.
Evaluation of the transfer function at the given input.

Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO)

Creation of a matrix of transfer functions, given a matrix of polynomials and the characteristic polynomial.
Evaluation of the matrix at the given vector of inputs.
(Mutable) Indexing of the matrix elements numerators.

Conversion between representations

SISO state-space -> transfer function
MIMO state-space -> matrix of transfer functions
Transfer function -> state-space (observable form)



Calculate the magnitude and phase for a single transfer function in an interval of frequencies.


Polar plot of a transfer function.

Root locus

Change the root of a system with the variation of the feedback gain.


PID (Proportional-integral-derivative) controller, both ideal and real.


Examples of library usage can be found in the examples/ folder.


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