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Augmented Audio Libraries

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Experiments trying to use Rust for audio programming.

Consider anything in this repository a draft.

⚠️ Goals
  • Goal 1: Learn & have fun
    • This is goal #1 and it's very important to keep it in mind if you end-up depending on one of the crates in this repository
  • Goal 2: Build tools for aiding development
  • Goal 3: Experiment with audio software GUI in Rust


Most of this repository is published under the MIT LICENSE.

Some directories which contain full applications are licensed under the AGPLv3 license. Check the LICENSE and README.md files.

📖 Documentation

⬇️ Binary downloads

💬 Blog posts

📸 Screenshots

Sequencer screenshot

Metronome screenshot Test plugin host screenshot Looper screenshot

👩 Web GUI

See docs/misc/WEB_GUI.md.

🛠 Rust libraries and tooling

Workspace & Building

The project is set-up with a cargo workspace. Running cargo commands at the root directory should compile all crates sharing caches.

To build the whole project run:

git submodule update --init
cargo build

To run tests:

cargo test

On OSX you might want to run ./scripts/test.sh instead of that command.

Build outputs should be on target/debug or target/release.

Packaging apps and VSTs

Package VSTs using ./scripts/dev.sh build. This will build all the packages, build specific crates' outputs with ./scripts/dev.sh build <path>.

Looper, Metronome and other (flutter / macOS builds)

See instructions on their READMEs under crates/apps.

Building on linux

Since this is bringing in all the possible rust crates, you'll need to install quite a few dependencies.

See .github/workflows/default.yml for a list of what's needed on Ubuntu.


cargo clippy


Benchmarks using criterion will be slowly added. In order to run benchmarks use:

cargo bench

Profiling on macOS


cd ./crates/oscillator
cargo instruments -t time --bench sine_oscillator_benchmark -- --bench

Generating flamegraphs from benchmarks

NOTE I couldn't get this to work on macOS

Flamegraphs can be generated using cargo-flamegraph:

cargo install flamegraph

The tool can then be used to run a criterion benchmark and generate a flamegraph:

cargo flamegraph --bench sine_oscillator_benchmark -- --bench

Snapshot testing audio processors

See docs/monorepo-tooling/SNAPSHOT_TESTING.md.

Debugging features


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