A crate for parsing and serialization of .attheme files

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A crate for working with .attheme files. It has full support for the .attheme file format. In addition, it provides all default themes, including setting custom accent colors, and a complete list of variables.

Should you have a problem or a question, feel free to file an issue on our GitLab repository.


Add this in your Cargo.toml:

attheme = "0.2"


Working with variables

use std::fs;
use attheme::{Attheme, Color};

let contents = fs::read("path/to.attheme");
let mut theme = Attheme::from_bytes(&contents[..]);

theme.variables.insert("divider".to_string(), Color::new(0, 0, 0, 0x10));

if theme.variables.get("chat_wallpaper".to_string().is_some() {
  println!("The theme has a color wallpaper");

Extracting a theme's wallpaper

use std::fs;
use attheme::Attheme;

let contents = fs::read("path/to.attheme");
let theme = Attheme::from_bytes(&contents[..]);

if let Some(wallpaper) = theme.wallpaper {
  fs::write("path/to/image.jpg", wallpaper);


See the documentation on docs.rs.


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