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Atomicals mining manager.

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Atomicals mining manager.

Usage: atomicalsir [OPTIONS] <PATH>

          Path to the atomicals-js repository's folder

      --max-fee <VALUE>
          Maximum acceptable fee.

          This value will be passed to atomicals-js's `--satsbyte` flag if the current network's priority fee is larger then this value.

          [default: 150]

          Disable the unconfirmed transaction count check.

          This will disable the multi-wallet feature.

      --stash <ALIAS>
          Specify the alias of the stash wallet.

          The name should be able to find in `wallets/x.json`.
          And it will be passed to atomicals-js's `--initialowner` flag.

      --electrumx <URI>
          Specify the URI of the electrumx proxy electrumx.

          Examples: - https://ep.atomicals.xyz/proxy - https://ep.atomicalmarket.com/proxy

      --strategy <STRATEGY>
          Mining strategy

          [default: wallet-first]
          [possible values: average-first, wallet-first]

  -h, --help
          Print help (see a summary with '-h')

  -V, --version
          Print version


Install from crates.io

To install from crates.io, use the following command:

cargo install atomicalsir

Download the pre-built binary

You can download the pre-build binary from our GitHub release

Build from source code (requires the nightly Rust)

To build from the source code, use the following commands:

git clone https://hack-ink/atomicalsir
cd atomicalsir
cargo build --release

Step-by-step setup

  1. Follow the installation steps for atomicals-js.
  2. Follow the installation steps for atomicalsir.
  3. Run the following command: atomicalsir --max-fee 150 <PATH to the atomicals-js folder>


  • Where can I find the mining log?

    You'll find the information in stdout.log and stderr.log, which are located in the current working directory.

  • How to setup multi-wallet?

    To set up a multi-wallet, place the *.json wallet files in the atomicals-js/wallets directory.

  • How to use one stash address in multi-wallet mining?

    Add a wallet with a <NAME> under the imported field of your atomicals-js/wallets/x.json file.

    Then, run the command atomicalsir --stash <NAME> ...

    You atomicals-js/wallets/x.json file should looks like below:

    	"phrase": "..",
    	"primary": {
    		"address": "..",
    		"path": "m/86'/0'/0'/0/0",
    		"WIF": ".."
    	"funding": {
    		"address": "..",
    		"path": "m/86'/0'/0'/1/0",
    		"WIF": ".."
    	"imported": {
    		"<NAME>": {
    			"address": "..",
    			"WIF": ".."
  • What are the differences of average-first and wallet-first mining strategies?

    • The average-first strategy mines 12 times for each wallet in one loop.
    • The wallet-first strategy mines indefinitely, switching wallets until the current wallet has more than 12 unconfirmed transactions.

Future plan

  • Update and rebuild atomicals-js automatically.
  • Implement wallet balance detection.
  • Implement a mining worker in pure Rust.


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