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Asynchronous Retrieving Rust rSYNc Client

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A tokio-based rsync wire protocol client library for listing files on and downloading from rsyncd servers.


Incredibly alpha. It seems to do the thing, which is: retrieve a list of files on the server, and then retrieve some of those files whole. But don't look at it sharply…


  • Rsyncd only, no execute-over-ssh.
  • Rsync protocol 27.0 only (Fortunately, newer rsyncds do fallbacks.)
  • Dates are parsed as i32. (I hope this library and maybe even rsync are dead by 2038…)
  • The MOTD and error messages are loged, but can't otherwise be intercepted.
  • Protocol error handling is probably flawed.
  • Use of anyhow.
  • No tests
  • rsyn is probably closest in functionality, implements an rsync wire protocol client. Sadly, the library is aimed directly at implementing an rsync client CLI clone, so getting a Read for the retrieved files is not possible.
  • rrsync implements its own wire protocol(?).
  • rsync-list seems to parse the output of executing rsync. Brr.
  • librsync-sys, librsync-ffi, fast_rsync only do the delta calculation. arrsync may depend on them in the future.
  • libsyncr remains a mystery to me.


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