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A slightly more ergonomic wrapper for ipfs-api's mfs-related functions

4 releases (2 breaking)

0.3.0 Jul 26, 2021
0.2.1 Sep 22, 2020
0.2.0 Aug 3, 2020
0.1.0 Jul 2, 2020

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Used in ftp2mfs

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A somewhat more convenient interface to IPFS's files API.


Small wrapper crate for ipfs_api. Mostly exists because I do not want any part of the failure crate to appear in my code.

Quick example:

let mfs = Mfs::new("").unwrap();
mfs.put(Path::new("/demo"), futures::io::Cursor::new("Hello ipfs files")).await.ok();

The relevant functions are exposted through the main Mfs struct.


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