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An implementation of the cryptographic sponge functions for zkSNARK

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0.4.0-alpha Nov 29, 2022
0.3.0 Jun 7, 2021

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Cryptographic Sponges

ark-sponge is a Rust library that provides infrastructure for implementing cryptographic sponges. This library is released under the MIT License and the Apache v2 License (see License).

WARNING: This is an academic prototype, and in particular has not received careful code review. This implementation is NOT ready for production use.


A cryptographic sponge is a cryptographic primitive that has two basic operations, absorb and squeeze. A sponge accepts byte or field element inputs through its "absorb" operation. At any time, a user can invoke the "squeeze" operation on a sponge to obtain byte or field element outputs. The sponge is stateful, so that squeezed outputs are dependent on previous inputs and previous outputs.

The library offers infrastructure for building cryptographic sponges and using them with different types of inputs.

Build guide

The library compiles on the stable toolchain of the Rust compiler. To install the latest version of Rust, first install rustup by following the instructions here, or via your platform's package manager. Once rustup is installed, install the Rust toolchain by invoking:

rustup install stable

After that, use cargo (the standard Rust build tool) to build the library:

git clone https://github.com/arkworks-rs/sponge.git
cd sponge 
cargo build --release

This library comes with some unit and integration tests. Run these tests with:

cargo test


This library is licensed under either of the following licenses, at your discretion.

Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution that you submit to this library shall be dual licensed as above (as defined in the Apache v2 License), without any additional terms or conditions.

Reference papers

Fractal: Post-Quantum and Transparent Recursive Proofs from Holography
Alessandro Chiesa, Dev Ojha, Nicholas Spooner

POSEIDON: A New Hash Function For Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems Lorenzo Grassi, Dmitry Khovratovich, Christian Rechberger, Arnab Roy, Markus Schofnegger


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