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app arenta

A terminal-based daily task management tool with minimal overhead

3 stable releases

1.0.2 Feb 5, 2023
1.0.1 Jan 28, 2023

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MIT license

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A terminal-based daily task management tool with minimal overhead.



  • Complete CRUD support of daily tasks with intuitive syntax
  • Visualized task schedule with colorful timeline
  • A single executable binary and naturally terminal based
  • Retentiveness by storing tasks in local file


Several alternatives:

  • Recommended: cargo install arenta
  • cargo install --git https://github.com/Gusabary/Arenta.git
  • Download binary from Release page and put it into $PATH
  • Clone the repo and build from source


Use arenta -h to show help messages and arenta -v to check the version.

Use arenta to start an interactive session, in which you could manage daily tasks easily.

Task Definition

Task is the core concept in Arenta, which consists of description, planned start/complete time, actual start/complete time and status.

The description and time part could be set and edited with Arenta commands, while the status is managed by Arenta in such rules:

planned start planned complete actual start actual complete
Backlog unset unset unset unset
Planned set and later than now set unset unset
Overdue set and earlier than now set unset unset
Ongoing set / unset set / unset set unset
Complete set / unset set / unset set set

Command Syntax

The interactive session accepts valid Arenta commands:

  • Type in n or new to create a new task in an interactive way:

    arenta> n
     description: a new task
     how to arrange this task
    > start immediately
      put in backlog
      plan to...
  • Type in s or start plus a task index to start it:

    arenta> s 0
    task 0 started
  • Type in c or complete plus a task index to complete it:

    arenta> c 0
    task 0 completed
  • Type in ls or ll with [date_filter] and [flags] to list all tasks in specified date range.

    • ll will render a visualized timeline as well, in which the planned period is represented as - while actual period is =
    • [date_filter] is in format of <op><date>
      • <op> could be <, <=, >, >= or empty, which indicates ==. Note that for ll, <op> must be empty.
      • <date> could take format of mm-dd, yyyy-mm-dd or just an integer, which indicates offset to today.
    • [flags] could contain b or v
      • b flag to display backlog tasks as well
      • v flag to display in verbose mode
    # list today's tasks
    > ls
    # list tomorrow's tasks with timeline
    > ll +1
    # list all historical tasks in verbose mode
    > ls <0 v
    # list yesterday's tasks including backlog and timeline in verbose mode
    > ll -1 bv
  • Type in h or help to show the complete usage of all Arenta commands


  • [usability] make the Arenta interactive session more shell-like, e.g. can use up arrow key to pop up last command
  • [scalability] take a more scalable approach to save all tasks to local file
  • [customizability] expose some settings as configurable, e.g. length of timeline, color of status, task display pattern, etc.




~160K SLoC