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Declarative cross-platform UI framework in Rust for native applications. More info in this article.


Running the examples locally

Should be as easy as cloning the code and running one of these:

cargo run --example hello
cargo run --example calculator

Check the examples folder for more examples.

Running the examples on Android

First install and set up cargo-sdl-apk.

Then, running the examples on android should be as easy as locally, almost:

cargo sdl-apk run --example hello

Changing rendering backend

Appy is, by default, using SDL to render its graphics. It also supports Glutin, which can be turned on as a feature. Check platform-examples/test-glutin for a project that is set up to use it. Running locally is done in the same way, i.e. with cargo run, but if you want to use Glutin on Android you need to use cargo-apk instead of cargo-sdl-apk.

Live reload

If you want live reload during development this can be done with cargo-watch. Install it and run:

cargo watch -x run


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