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Advent of Code private leaderboards are currently limited to 200 users. This web app can merge users from multiple leaderboards, recalculate their scores based on the total number of members, and present them in a single page with the same look and feel of the original Advent of Code website. It can also show an overall leaderboard with scores for all years combined.

Leaderboards are fetched in JSON format from the adventofcode.com API URL.


Leaderboard with local score:

alt text

Leaderboard with star count:

alt text

Overall leaderboard:

alt text


This app is built with Rocket web framework and, therefore, requires a nightly version of Rust.


  • On Linux, install the appropriate development tools for your system, for instance:
# On Fedora, RHEL, CentOS
# sudo dnf groupinstall "Development Tools"

# On Debian, Ubuntu
# sudo apt install build-essential
  • Install a recent version of Rust using rustup or update it with:
# rustup update
  • Install the nightly toolchain:
# rustup toolchain install nightly
  • Clone this repo:
# git clone https://github.com/scarvalhojr/aocleaderboard.git
  • Set the repo directory to use the nightly toolchain:
# cd aocleaderboard
# rustup override set nightly
  • Build:
# cargo build --release


Required configuration

# cp settings_sample.toml settings.toml
  • Edit the new settings.toml file and provide a list of private leaderboard IDs along with a leaderboard name and a session cookie from adventofcode.com with access to the leaderboards.
leaderboard_name = "me and my friends"
leaderboard_ids = [12345, 23456]
session_cookie = "session=<session cookie string>"

To obtain the session cookie, login to adventofcode.com and inspect the cookie stored in your browser. You must be a member of the leaderboards in order to fetch their data - check your leaderboards at https://adventofcode.com/leaderboard/private.

Other settings

  • In settings.toml:

    • leaderboard_default_order - default leaderboard ordering, either "local_score" (default) or "stars".
    • leaderboard_update_sec - how often to fetch leaderboards from adventofcode.com, in seconds.
    • latest_event_year - override the latest event year, which by default is the current year or the previous year if the current date is before Dec 1st (when first puzzle unlocks).
    • exclude_members - a list of member IDs to exclude from leaderboard.
  • To change any Rocket-specific settings, e.g. path to TLS certs an keys, or IP address and binding port, make a copy of Rocket_sample.toml called Rocket.toml.


Start the app:

# cargo run --release

If you are using Docker Compose:

docker-compose up
# Or, for detached
docker-compose up -d


Point your favourite browser to http://localhost:8000.


  • To avoid overloading the Advent of Code website, leaderboards are cached in memory and fetched again after a configurable time limit (by default, 15 minutes).
  • Leaderboards can be ordered by local score (based on the time each star was acquired) or by number of stars. Ties are broken by the time the most recent star was acquired.
  • Overall leaderboard combines scores from all years.


Feedback and pull requests are welcome.

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