Cargo Features

rocket_contrib = { version = "0.4.11", default-features = false, features = ["templates", "databases", "json", "msgpack", "tera_templates", "handlebars_templates", "helmet", "serve", "diesel_sqlite_pool", "diesel_postgres_pool", "diesel_mysql_pool", "postgres_pool", "mysql_pool", "sqlite_pool", "cypher_pool", "redis_pool", "mongodb_pool", "memcache_pool", "rocket_contrib_codegen", "uuid", "diesel"] }
templates handlebars_templates? tera_templates? = glob, serde, serde_json

Internal use only.

Affects rocket_contrib::templates

databases cypher_pool? diesel_mysql_pool? diesel_postgres_pool? diesel_sqlite_pool? memcache_pool? mongodb_pool? mysql_pool? postgres_pool? redis_pool? sqlite_pool? = r2d2

Enables database_attribute of rocket_contrib_codegen

Global dependencies.

Affects rocket_contrib::databases

default = json, serve

User-facing features.

json default = serde, serde_json

Affects rocket_contrib::json

msgpack = rmp-serde, serde

Affects rocket_contrib::msgpack

tera_templates = templates, tera

Affects engine::Engines.tera

handlebars_templates = handlebars, templates

Affects engine::Engines.handlebars

helmet = time

Affects rocket_contrib::helmet

serve default

Affects rocket_contrib::serve

diesel_sqlite_pool = databases

The barage of user-facing database features.

Enables sqlite and r2d2 of diesel ^1.0

Database dependencies

diesel_postgres_pool = databases

Enables postgres and r2d2 of diesel ^1.0

diesel_mysql_pool = databases

Enables mysql and r2d2 of diesel ^1.0

postgres_pool = databases, postgres, r2d2_postgres
mysql_pool = databases, mysql, r2d2_mysql
sqlite_pool = databases, r2d2_sqlite, rusqlite
cypher_pool = databases, r2d2_cypher, rusted_cypher
redis_pool = databases, r2d2_redis, redis
mongodb_pool = databases, mongodb, r2d2-mongodb
memcache_pool = databases, memcache, r2d2-memcache

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

rocket_contrib_codegen implicit feature
serde json msgpack? templates?

With default (std)

serde_json json templates?

With default (std)

rmp-serde msgpack?

Enables rmp-serde ^0.13

handlebars handlebars_templates?

Enables default features of handlebars ^1.0

Templating dependencies.

glob templates?
tera tera_templates?

Enables tera ^0.11

uuid implicit feature

Enables default (std) of uuid ^0.7

UUID dependencies.

Affects rocket_contrib::uuid

diesel implicit feature

Enables diesel ^1.0

r2d2 databases?
mysql mysql_pool?

Enables default (mysql_common) of mysql ^14

r2d2_mysql mysql_pool?

Enables r2d2_mysql ^9

rusqlite sqlite_pool?

Enables rusqlite ^0.14.0

r2d2_sqlite sqlite_pool?

Enables r2d2_sqlite ^0.6

rusted_cypher cypher_pool?
r2d2_cypher cypher_pool?
redis redis_pool?

Enables redis ^0.9

r2d2_redis redis_pool?

Enables r2d2_redis ^0.8

memcache memcache_pool?

Enables memcache ^0.11

r2d2-memcache memcache_pool?

Enables r2d2-memcache ^0.3

postgres postgres_pool?

Enables postgres ^0.15

r2d2_postgres postgres_pool?

Enables r2d2_postgres ^0.14

mongodb mongodb_pool?

Enables mongodb ^0.3.12

r2d2-mongodb mongodb_pool?
time helmet?

Enables time ^0.1.40

SpaceHelmet dependencies