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Anyfuck - Brainfuck-Like Languages Interpreter

This command-line tool interprets scripts written in Brainfuck and a few of its variants (Ook and Blub). It allows for execution directly from a file or via standard input (stdin).


  • Flexible Input: Execute scripts from a file or directly via stdin.
  • Memory Customization: Configure the memory size of the interpreter's runtime environment.
  • Language Inference: Automatically infer the script language from the file extension or specify it manually.


cargo install anyfuck


anyfuck program.bf
anyfuck program.ook
anyfuck program.blub
anyfuck --memory 10000000 --language ook < some_program.txt


  • --memory <SIZE>: Overrides the default brainfuck engine memory size (default is 1,000,000 cells).
  • -l, --language <LANGUAGE>: Explicitly specify the language (Brainfuck, Ook, Blub).
  • --path <FILE>: Path to the input file. If not provided, the interpreter will read from stdin.

Supported Languages

  • Brainfuck: Extensions .bf or .b
  • Ook: Extension .ook
  • Blub: Extension .blub


Contributions to improve the interpreter or add support for more variants of brainfuck-like languages are welcome. Please submit pull requests or raise issues as needed.


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