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Simple (and probably flawed) little library for working with ANSI color codes

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0.1.7 Jan 18, 2023

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Ansirs (Like Answers I Guess?)

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Simple and probably flawed little library to make simple usage of ansi color codes super easy when working with rust.

I tend to make a lot of shitty little terminal applications and I got sick of googling for ANSI color codes, or installing some huge or unweildy package to handle it, so I decided to make my own stupid and/or unweildy crate!

Usage is as simple as I could make it because I'm pretty dumb and I wanted to make this as easy as possible on future-me.

use ansirs::{Ansi, Colors, IntoAnsi, style_text};

let header_style = Ansi::new()
    .fg((25, 50, 250))      // Set foreground color to (25, 50, 250)
    .bg((255, 255, 255))    // Set background to white.
    .bold()                 // Set (toggle) bolded text.
    .underline();            // Set (toggle) underlined text.
let body_style = Ansi::new()
    .fg((50, 200, 50))
    .bg((255, 255, 255));
let mistake_style = Ansi::new()
    .fg((200, 25, 25))
    .bg(Colors::White)      // Most named html colors can be used from Colors
    .strike()               // Set (toggle) strike-through.
    .italic();              // Set (toggle) italic text.

// Output can be saved (it is just a String)
let header = style_text("Ansirs Crate", header_style);
println!("{}", header);
// Or you can use style_text directly in println.
println!("{}", style_text("Simple and probably flawed library for dealing with ANSI color codes in rust!", body_style));
// You can also use the Ansi directly, but must remember to reset the style afterwards.
println!("{}Definitely an awesome crate.{}", mistake_style, Ansi::reset());

println!("{}", body_style.paint_text("Theres also a number of convenience functions available."));
ansirs::styled_print("Like these!", mistake_style);

style_text can also take a lambda to generate styles on the fly. The lambda should match the function signature Fn() -> Ansi

// Same output as above, but without the locals variables. Keep in mind this makes reusing styles more difficult.
use ansirs::{Ansi, IntoAnsi, style_text};

println!("{}", style_text("Ansirs Crate", || Ansi::new()
    .fg((25, 50, 250))
    .bg((255, 255, 255))
println!("{}", style_text("Simple and probably flawed library for dealing with ANSI color codes in rust!", || Ansi::new()
    .fg((50, 200, 50))
    .bg((255, 255, 255))));
println!("{}", style_text("Definitely an awesome crate.", Ansi::new()
    .fg((200, 25, 25))
    .bg((255, 255, 255))

Main Types

  • ansirs::Ansi - The main struct that holds styling and formatting information
  • ansirs::Color - Simple color class represented as (u8, u8, u8)
  • ansirs::Colors - Named (html) colors, convertable to Color as well as Ansi
  • ansirs::PrettyString - Coming Soon String-interchangeable type holding text as well as formatting

The following information is for library development, see function documentation for library specifics.


  • Make the usage in example all_colors_256 less cumbersome to work with
  • Add coverage, lint, and maybe packaging / publishing gh actions
    • Coverage is super easy now that rust 1.60 (stable) has stabilized llvm-based coverage instrumentation. Currently I'm using the cargo-llvm-cov crate, coverage can be generated in lcov format by running cargo llvm-cov --all-features --workspace --lcov --output-path cov/lcov.info, and can be displayed using the Coverage Gutters vscode extension (ryanluker.vscode-coverage-gutters), or an html report can be generated using cargo llvm-cov --html
  • Find whatever mistakes that exist in this crate.
  • Expand tests
  • Expand functionality?
  • Styled trait for designating default styling for certain types. I'm thinking something along the lines of the std::fmt family of functions, i.e. a user-defined "builder" type function is written which has access to the instance and some sort of default styling.
  • Along with above, could maybe move into "themes" as well?


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