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Search and fetch information about anime and manga

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AniTerm is a simple command-line tool that lets you search for and fetch detailed information about anime and manga series. Whether you're looking for the next series to binge-watch or just curious about a particular anime, this tool has got you covered. This command-line tool is using Kitsu API for fetching the data.


Planning for a release on homebrew soon for MacOS users

If you have Cargo installed on you machine just run this in your terminal: cargo add aniterm


  • 🌟 Search for anime and manga by name
  • 📄 Get detailed information like descriptions, ratings, and more
  • 📺 Support for fetching YouTube trailers


To search for an anime:

aniterm -a "Cowboy Bebop"

To search for a manga:

aniterm -m "Berserk"

Get information on how to use it:

aniterm -h


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