bin+lib alphafix

CLI & file explorer tool to bleed colors to transparent pixels for game engines

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0.1.0 May 11, 2023


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Tool to bleed opaque pixel color into transparent pixels. Designed with producing images for the Robox platform in mind.


The package can be installed and built to a binary with cargo

cargo install alphafix

TODO: complete release workflow with github action to provide archive binaries for tools like Aftman.
Alphafix can be built from source by cloning the repository and building using a rust toolchain.


Call alphafix and provide paths to the images you want to be modified. The output images by default will be appended with _fixed

alphafix resources/blue_circle.png resources/green_triangle.png

TODO: support for glob file references


--dir=<path> : specify target directory where the output images will be stored
--append=<str> : name to append to file name output images, will override the default _fixed
--auto : run command automatically, with no user input (for automated processes). By default, the program does prompt on exit to support drag and drop


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