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A helper tool for Cargo build scripts (build.rs) for compiling and/or linking to a given Ruby library version for use in Rust code

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Compile Ruby as a Rust build.rs step... and eventually more (see goals).


The plan for aloxide is to:

  • Compile Ruby for each supported platform

  • Link to Ruby's library in a crate's build.rs file

  • Make pre-compiled Rubies that are suitable for various versions of the same operating system

  • Cross-compile Ruby from one platform to another

    • Compile for {i686,x86_64}-pc-windows-gnu from Linux or macOS

    • Compile for {i686,x86_64}-unknown-linux-gnu from macOS or Windows

  • Create a command-line interface (CLI) that downloads Ruby's sources and compiles them, or downloads pre-compiled binaries/libraries, for each supported platform

Supported Platforms

See issue #1 for more details.

  • Linux

  • macOS

  • Windows


Work in progress...


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