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A framework for building collectible card games and gacha games

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0.5.2 Jan 28, 2020
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A framework for building collectible card games and gacha games.


Akashi is very much a work in progress framework right now. There are plenty of rough edges and hard-to-use parts here, and there's plenty of distance to cover before Akashi can be considered ready for real use.


Akashi aims to give developers an easy framework to build games based around collectible cards and/or gacha mechanics. It also aims to add ready-to-go implementations of, and building blocks for, common mechanics to make it even easier to get started.

It draws some inspiration from traditional game engines, but with tweaks in order to better fit aspects associated with collection games.


Akashi uses an Entity-Component-System architecture (though at the moment only Entities and Components are really implemented).

Players and cards, within the Akashi framework, are entities: they aren't much more than a unique ID. Functionality is added by attaching various components to entities. For example, inventories can be represented as components that are attached to players, while card images and text can be represented as components attached to cards.


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