RUSTSEC-2021-0061 (unmaintained) on 2021-04-29: aes-ctr has been merged into the aes crate

Please use the aes crate going forward. The new repository location is at:

The aes crate now has an optional ctr feature which autodetects SIMD features on i686/x86-64 targets and uses them if available, or otherwise falls back to the implementation in the ctr crate.

If you would prefer not to have this autodetection performed, use the aes crate directly with the ctr crate.

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The current version of aes-ctr is 0.99.99.

cargo-vet does not verify reviewers' identity. You have to fully trust the source the audits are from.


May have been packaged automatically without a review

Crates in the registry are tarball snapshots uploaded by crates' publishers. The registry is not using crates' git repositories. There is absolutely no guarantee that the repository URL declared by the crate belongs to the crate, or that the code in the repository is the code inside the published tarball. To review the actual code of the crate, it's best to use cargo crev open aes-ctr. Alternatively, you can download the tarball of aes-ctr v0.99.99 or view the source online.