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backup tool for android written in rust which can either be used as a module and as a cli-tool

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backup tool for android written in rust which can either be used as a module or as a cli-tool

adbackup uses something similar to the auto backup mechanism of android. Normally, if enabled, this mechanism is used to backup the android system into the Google cloud. With adbackup it is possible to create backups of folders, apps or the complete system.


This version of adbackup needs some initialisation work to be done before it can be used: Install adbackup & adb, add adb to the environment path and enable debug mode on the android device.


adbackup is using the android debug bridge (adb) to communicate with android devices. Before using adbackup

  1. install adb from the official android developer site
  2. Now add adb to your environment variable (tutorial)
  3. Download and install adbackup

The computer is ready to work with adbackup. To check if everything is well configured, type adbackup devices.

Android device

To bring the android device into a state in which adbackup can be used, enable the debug mode: Go to

  1. Settings
  2. About phone
  3. Press the Build number five times
  4. Go back and select the new Developer options menu
  5. Activate the developer options at the top of the screen and enable Android debugging in the list below

If the device is connected to the computer adbackup devices should now list this device. Make sure to disable the debugging mode after you are done using adbackup to minimize the risk of your device being compromised.


Every app developer can specify whether it is possible to backup their app in general, just parts of it or not at all, here you can read more about this topic. Because of this android feature there might be some apps which will not be included into backups generated by the android operating system. Sadly, right now there exists no better way to do android backups without rooting the device first.


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