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Project Snowball: Evolved

... It's the similar reason why I have a big negative disposition toward most modern website programming frameworks, it's so disconnected from the browser's DOM. The moment you start talking about things like "hydration" and "virtual DOM" I'm always kinda like "You drank too much koolaid my dude".

ARitz Cracker 2023

This repository aims to provide a helpful collection of tools to reduce the performance overhead often associated with modern website development. At its center, is acetewm.


Aritz's Custom Element Template Engine With Markdown

Currently only a fledgling project. Doesn't even have markdown yet. While the eventual goals involve multi-page static site generation and the ability to be used in rust-based web backends for server-side rendering, currently it can be used to help ease the development of single-page applications. Long story short, it makes using custom elements and forms a lot easier to use with TypeScript. (docs... maybe)

It's all unstable!

Take a look at acetewm's version. 0.0.1-dev.10 see that? That's 2 preceeding zeros, which does mean I'm very likely to make a breaking change. however, I might not. Hence the pre-release version.


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